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'Under One Atap Cafe' Beach Farewell Party

>> Friday, October 1, 2010

This post should be up 3 months ago yet I can't make it so.. Here was the Farewell Party My coursemates and I planned out..
It was planned after our final exam paper in the exam hall itself.. With lil sponsors from everyone, our Chief Obala brought Gareth and I for shopping..
Okay I better cut the crap and proceed with the post..

Nothing beats a red flame from hot burning charcoal..

Started our Plan by doing Mis En Place aka preparations at Jeffrey's House.. Fried Tom Yam Bihun is from his mommi recipe!

We went over to the beach behind Flamingo Hotel.. Clean and Safe Public Beach, no?

We started with beach soccer.. That is why we are seperated in two photos..

Ehhh, where's the ball?

And our class joker did something crazy..

Deadman Cobra.. Eye mask with cockles shell..

Human Pyramid! Doing something crazy again!

Patrick the late comers! Still, he came tho!

And Joseph! The very very late comer! So we decided to throw him into water.. Well we all was thrown into the sea during day light.. Scared of Jelly fish lah..

And our class Amoi and Awek! :D

With the ladies, we decided to have some candle light BBQ dinner under the unbrella..

Grilled by Chef De Cuisine himself, Susu Chuen!

Jelly stung Fish! this is why we left the water after sun sets..

Yummy with Rosemary!

Lamb, beef satay, mixology Miami Butcher sausages, corn, chicken..

and not forgetting marshmellow with homemade chocolate sauce and honey..

And we got into some race!

And Human Sword Fight.. Don't ask me why it is called sword fight ok..

Plan to make human pyramid ala 4 level..

Heih Heih Heih!

And they still never forget about PCC! Team Al-Dente :D

Team Mirepoix!

Team AtapCafe + Under One Roof!

**CHEERS** I am sure everyone enjoyed this special night :D


Ferringhi Garden

>> Monday, August 23, 2010

This is one heck of over-due posts too.. Since I revisit the restaurant again last 2 days, I would like to share this lovely place with everyone!
Ferringhi Garden is located in Batu Ferringhi, Penang or after Park Royal Hotel along the road..

We entered through the back door as there is the parking places for customers.. Those who are familiar with Sunset Bistro will eventually find their back door.. Parking is free and safe too..

The Back door straight to the Bar.. It was a second bungalow I assume.. Back of the bar is the kitchen..

We walked upfront and was attended by a pleasant lady.. She was nice enough to introduce us the foods after we told them the type of meals we would like to have..

From the mixed grill section.. Beef sirloin and Chicken.. There are little wine reduction to enhance the presentation and ofcourse taste..

Miss Chuinny had her all time favourite Seafood Spaghetti Carbonara.. Generous portion with really big sized salmon, prawns and mussels..

I took their Beef and the waitress introduced me the French Peppered Tenderloin.. The medium rare grilled beef tastes so good with the black pepper marination.. The second time we were there, I introduced it to Wai Kit and he loves it too!

The interior part at the front portion of the Restaurant..

The Bar!

Would you like to have dinner here?

Exterior.. The whold restaurant is filled with plants, flowers and there are a mini waterfall with koi pond.. Lets not describe how beautiful this place is here.. Go try it yourself perhaps? I don't bluff people remember? :D

Stairway to upstairs.. Exterior or interior also awesome!
The second time we went, non of us took any photos but we will be going there again..
Maybe end of this week when OBala is back? Heh..

Btw, we had complimetry desserts thanks to the manager, Fabian who is also my ex-schoolmate.. Thanks man! Your place is certainly awesome!


4th Penang Chef Challenge

>> Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This is an overdue post like for 3 months ago ady.. The PCC is held on 4th to 6th July in Penang Sports Arena (PISA)..
KDU sent 11 apprentice team and 1 professional team to the competition. My friends and I were selected to represent KDU in the junior team. We were selected by our mentor, Mr. Darren and given the name Al-Dente where our allience with the name Mirepoix. These 2 teams are from Semester 6 and we went for training about 10 times before entering the competition under Mr. Darren. Each team comprises of 4 team mates where one prepare appetizer, soup, entree and desserts.

First Day, we were the first to battle with 9 other teams. The competition are devided into 5 rounds where the first round, it is to get the highest 16 teams for second round then goes to knock-out system at the second round till the end.

This is Obala, my team soup chef.. The one who impress chefs with papaya soup!

Gareth the appetizer chef..

And the first morning, the active catfish had a party last night and all of them were on the floor when we reach therefore we found out that their main black box given will be catfish! It was true. There are black box for main ingredients, secret ingredients and every round of ingredients given are different and this is very challenging accordin to the main judges.

Our first round products.. Appetizer: pan-seared catfish topped on spaghetti aglio, chicken skewers on fruit chutney.. Tomato and carrot soup with chicken ball.. Entree, pan fried and deep fried catfish with mint durian rice and finally Dessert, Oreo baked cake with white chocolate pana cotta and seasonal fruit compote..

We got 1st in the first round among 6 teams. :3 But overall among 32 teams, we gt 6th position therefore qualify for the second round.

Listening to junior chief judge comments after round 1..

During competition.. Other teams all looking ready for their battle!

KDU PJ team in action!

Fruits and vegetables available but not all the rounds have the same ingredients.

Stock, sauces and instant dry products to enchance cookings..

Plates, shooter glass and etc for platting..

After 5 rounds of Battle in 3 days, we ended 4th and are given the semi-finalist certificate..
#1 goes to Thai Junior
#2 Singapore Junior
#3 to KDU team (Sketch)

To me, competition is not about winning or losing, it is about the strategy and heart you give in to gain what is not expected.


360 Degrees @ AtapCafe Themed Buffet

>> Sunday, July 11, 2010

AtapCafe is created/ formed by a group of 20 students from KDU College (PG) via our Project Module subject. It is a cafe fully operated by students & supervised by our lecturer, Chef Yuzrem for 14 weeks..
Project Module is the last project which enables students to learn and also run a cafe operation. In the last semester, we are given the opportunity to make our own uniform, creat our own logo, service style of our cafe and other stuffs as long as we follow the subject guidelines.

Finally after 14 weeks of battle, we finally come to our Final Themed buffet where 20 people combined to make an unusual 'big' buffet dinner.. We students of semester 6, June 2010, has made a record where only 20 people with their strength, effort, experience and precious sweats in cooking and also decorating the dining area to be presented to 170 guests.. Sounds creepy huh? Well, we made it and had set a height for our juniors to measure..

The theme 'Just For Tonight' tells everyone about the last night we will be in college as everyone is leaving for industrial training very soon.. 'JFT' does not follow most of the H&T themes as we want our guests to be comfortable wearing what they desire and to chill out at the dining hall.. 'JFT' is a Island Buffet Style where food item are placed in their specific stalls..

Besides, I would like to thank all my previous lecturers who had put much effort and believe in us, the KDU Facilities department especially Mr. Ng, Chef Syam our Programme Leader who put his final touches on the night and everyone who attend the buffet dinner, Chef Darren and Chef Chuah who had guide us on the budget for a better-end buffet and also Susu, Yi Min, Chang Loong, Ben and also Khai who helped us as the waiter for the night.. Thank y'all!

Redefined AtapCafe Logo by Foo Tong and Elyas from the Art Department.. :D

AtapCafe logo with lights.. Made fully from recycled item except the wiring.. Styrofoam, vinyl sticker, perspek, hard wood, tapes, nails are sponsored by our members while wire and lights are bought..

To begin the night, our Chairman, Wei Kiat aka Cobra came with his welcoming speech..

Our Programme Leader giving a thank you speech to everyone..

Guests! Movement towards the foods islands was easy.. No space limitation thanks to our Service leader, Huan P'ng.. The hardworking guy placed the table one night before to check the floor plan as KDU foyer has poles and stairways we need to avoid.. Then he kept all the tables again and arranged them the next day..

Guests at the entree and soup island.. There are pilaf rice, fried rice, cheezy mashed potato, aglio olio, claypot tofu , sambal kangkung, cream of mushroom soup and also 'chi kut teh.' A combination of asian and western items..

Chinese style Dining table..

Infused olive oil..

asian spices as display..


Table setting.. Air cond and fans provided with bright lightings @ KDU Foyer..

Display item #1 @ Fruit Carving..
By Gomez and I..

Display #2 Butter Sculpture.. Eagle..


Completed within 2 days & Butter was sponsored by Chef Aravin..
By myself, Cobra, Bala and Gareth..

Entree Island..

Stage Backdrop! A banner Designed by Banner King..

Display #3 Styrofoam sculpture for the seafood island.. Done withing 3 days..
By myself, YY, Bala, Reese, Jeffrey and Fong..

Display #4 Bread Ship for the soup island.. Done withing 2 days.. We did the bread till 12am the first day and why does the oven switch broke? Bad life Bad life luckily din get screwed :D
By myself, Joo Teik, Soon Keat, Bala, Gareth, YY and Cobra..

So on the day itself, all the chefs are busy cooking.. See the busy chefs headed by Yan You! I did not cook on that day.. Was assigned the job to assist Huan P'ng in the dining hall decorations and etc.. But I did marinated the beef, lamb and cut your favourite lobsters into halves, the fish and seafood item.. Mis en Place day was like a butcher..

Grill the prawn by Reese.. The seafood chef for the whole event!

Group Photo.. While waiting for the time to come! Serve our guests..

Seafood chef and Service Leader..

Sizzling hot prawns!

Limited item.. Must scoop for the guests :D

The man who cooked the meat item including beef, lamb and chicken..

Lamb on Roast!

Lamb Carving..

Happy Guests..

Claypot tofu.. Many people say it was awesome! So give a hand to our YY!

Kerabu Mango! Ops I tak tahu where other salad photos went.. And I julienned all the mango.. Some of them are already ripe so i think the kerabu is abit soggy.. But never the less, seasoning is good only no chili.. Some juniors stole ours when they have exam early in the morning or some 'ghosts' have eaten all.. Grr!

Dried Longan Syrup by Daniel.. In demand drinks! We also have minute maid orange pulpy juice (sponsored), black current and plain water..

Soft rolls, Hard rolls, Vienna rolls and also if you want, salt dough from the bread ship!

Petit four by the pastry people.. Eclair, brownie, fruit cake, durian mousse & cheesecake
Joo Teik, Soon Keat, Kumar, Akhtirah and Wendy Wang!

Banana Creme Brulee & Lemon Grass Pana Cotta.. Sounds authentic enough?

Another one.. :D

Fruit platter.. Sliced by Susu!

Smoked Salmon Canape, Devilled Quil Egg & Chicken Lollipop.. By Zainal!
We smoked the salmon fillet ourself! With a traditional smoking method..

Mussell with smoked tomato chutney!

Lamb shoulders.. The Juicy look and tender meat is ready to be served..

Slipper Lobster thermidor..

Guests plate.. Heih Heih..

Myself with the two boss!

Mikey and 5xmom..

Queue at the seafood island..

Nicole family..


More guests..

And more more guests ad vip.. total up 170 pax! :D

Chef Yuzrem receiving token of appreciation from Cobra!

Plate of excellence to everyone who had taught us!

Finally,a group photo of 20 chefs with our lecturers..

Well, our hardwork had paid off when the event is a success.. Besides serving our guests, we had a mini graduation ceremony to thank everyone from the chefs to purchasers.. Our sponsors and also those who came and support!

Besides the sweet memories, we have to deal with some accusiation for blocking the entrance of the marketing department as we placed the table at 11am.. Well, we had to as the kitchen only available at 3pm and we do not have enough man power to move so many things after office hours plus cooking.. Even the Facility department approved our requests.. Finally we only had the green light to place the tables and stall at 5.30 pm which is considered late at the foyer front.. Setting up is not an easy task as there are only 2 people handling everything.. Luckily susu and gang came early and helped up for the touch ups with Chef Syam..

The buffet is a total success where my lecturer himself is satisfied with our performance and yep, we hope to score good grades for this :D


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